Age Of Evil ~ Metal’s Next Generation

Age of Evil - The Band

Age of Evil - The Band

BY: Tracy Forsyth-Lundy

Age Of Evil ~ Jacob Goldberg (bass), Garrett Ziff (drums), Jeremy Goldberg (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Jordan Ziff (lead guitar)

I never quite know what to expect when an EP shows up in my office, I’ve had some kick ass bands send me their EP and I’ve had some not so great EPs show up in the past – but THIS one my friends is a sign that Heavy Metal has a new generation and they play as fast and as hard as their idols do!  I have to admit – it’s also nice to see long hair making a comeback!

‘Get Dead’ is the title of their new EP and this bright new group of musicians even covered 2 classic metal tunes ‘Slave to the Grind’ as well as ‘The Hellion/Electric Eye’ – now THAT is ambitious!  Let me tell you – they did a VERY good job with those tracks…covers make me nervous because we as fans expect a great deal from bands who dare to cover a classic – but hats off guys – a job well done!

The band has basically grown up together, knowing one another since the ripe age of 3 or 4 years old.  “We always knew we wanted to do something together” says Jeremy.  Lead Singer Jeremy Goldberg took some time away from his hectic schedule to talk with me about the band, the songs and the brilliant future of Age of Evil.

Jordan Ziff (L) Jeremy Goldberg (R)

Jordan Ziff (L) Jeremy Goldberg (R)

TFL: Tell me why you chose the name “Age of Evil’ for the band.

JG: Well, my brother Jacob chose the name.  We were thinking about all kinds of names and we really wanted the name to reflect on us & some of our world views and stuff.  ‘Age of Evil’ fits perfectly for 4 teenagers who are rebellious.  We’ve always said that in this world when everyone is at peace with each other and not fighting with each other, then we’ll change our name to “Age of Goodness’ or something like that.  We’re not all negative or anything like that, but we are realistic.

TFL: How would you describe your music and what genre would you expect it to be placed in?

JG: We don’t like to put a genre on us because our sound is always changing.  We just really play what we like & what we like to hear, so I mean I guess on this EP you could say it’s Metal/Heavy Metal.  In the future it will still have that Metal edge but maybe a bit more Hard Rock.

TFL: Do you like to leave it for the fan to say what THEY feel it is?


TFL: That’s a good answer..I like that!  Has anything surprised you about the music industry Jeremy?

JG: Actually no.  I mean I’m not surprised that CDs are not selling as many as before.  With the Internet and everything it’s totally upside down what IS surprising but still not surprising is labels haven’t really changed their business model…and I think they need to desperately!

TFL: So when I got the EP & I was looking over the tracks I was like ‘OK…Cruel Intentions, Get Dead..SLAVE TO THE GRIND???  Holy sh**…they did Slave to the Grind’!!  Tell me why you chose this tune to cover?  I LOVE that Skid Row album…but what made you guys decide to cover it?

JG: Yeah, great album!  Some might even say one of the best Hard Rock/ Metal albums.  Well, when it came down to the covers we wanted to record something that we played live.  ‘Hellion/Electric Eye’ is  one we played in London and we knew right away it was a song we had to record.  We were in the studio recording the EP, and it was in between tour dates, and we had a day off in the studio.   Garrett our drummer, we were just trying to think of some songs we could do, something with a lot of energy – and Garrett suggested ‘Slave to the Grind’ because it’s really fast paced & needs a lot of energy and we could show that we have a good take on the music.  It’s not something we planned for awhile, it’s just something that came to us that day.

Age Of Evil ~ In Frankfurt

Age Of Evil ~ In Frankfurt

TFL: Which is YOUR favorite track on the EP?

JG: Oh man…I always go back and fourth between ‘Cruel Intentions’ and ‘Get Dead’.  Cruel Intentions is more melodic and Get Dead is more ‘thrashy’.

TFL: So what is coming next for Age of Evil Jeremy?

JG: We are looking to tour in the US right now and writing for the album.  It’s really hard to tour these days and it’s really expensive, so we are just looking for the RIGHT one.

TFL: Well…you KNOW I’m going to tell you to come into Canada!  I’m telling you Jeremy, THIS is where you want to be my friend – Canada LOVES Metal!

JG: That is actually one of our priorities.  We REALLY want to get into Canada.

TFL: If you play…the crowds will be there!

JG: That’s what we hear!

Rock fans and Rock Bands..let me assure you that Canada, especially Calgary LOVES to rock out!  Bring your music, bring your merchandise and bring us an amazing show and we in turn will be an audience you will NEVER forget!

Age Of Evil – be sure to check them out and give their songs a listen my friends!  Fellow Metalheads will love their style, their sound and well as how LOUD they can play!  They may be young, but they are a very talented group of men!

Backstage Live Magazine is proud to welcome Age of Evil into our Rock & Roll family and proudly crank their music up to the MAX!!



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