CD Review ~ ‘Rock N Roll Overdose’ by Vanity Blvd


Rock N Roll Overdose – debut album by Vanity Blvd.

By: Tracy Forsyth-Lundy

Sweden certainly continues to export some of the best Rock music and Vanity Blvd is no exception to this rule.  What a kick ass album!  Packed with 10 Rock & Roll tracks ‘Rock N Roll Overdose’ delivers in your face Rock & Roll with a flare of “Glam” and a hell of a lot of style!  Now don’t let the word ‘Glam’ misguide you, Vanity Blvd is NOT some “Pop” band trying to pull off a Rock & Roll look – oh no no my friends!  Vanity Blvd IS what Rock & Roll is all about!  Cindi’s vocals will give you goosebumps, Traci’s licks & riffs kick ass in each and every track.  Frecko is on drums and he beats them like a man should beat his drums – HORNS UP!  Marty is on bass and provides a killer beat right on cue.

Check out the tracks on this album:

Talk of The Town – Right On!!  Cindi brings it on this track, totally catchy tune!

Sweet Saturdaynite – Love the vocals again, wicked harmonies! Hooks to die for in this track.

Private Hell – Kick this track off with Traci ripping on guitar – love it!  THIS is what I dig about Rock & Roll!  Tight Bass and Drums – well done.

Share My Pain – This is where those goosebumps I mentioned begin to surface – Cindi’s vocals are simply brilliant.  This band knows how to write a catchy song.

Summer Tease – Love that tight snare – the snap is perfect! Hooky chorus – it’s addictive to listen to.  We can all relate to this track on some level.

Come Dance With Me – DAMN I love this track!!!  Rock and Blues are the perfect marriage.  THIS track is AWESOME with a capital ‘A’.  Traci’s variety of guitar will please the fussiest music fan, Cindi’s vocals are comparable to Amy Lee meets Lee Aaron with a hint of Joan Jett – it’s f***ing phenomenal!  THIS is my favorite track on this album – I give a standing ovation for this song!

Nasty Girl – Harmonies are perfect again, this would be what I would say is the ‘Pop’ style song they have on this entire album.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s NOT POP music – but it has that vibe to how it’s written – still a great Rock song.

4 The Love of Rock N Roll – the title alone makes me smile 🙂  Take a touch of Bluegrass style guitar at the start and fade into a wicked RAWK riff – I have nothing but accolades for Vanity Blvd – they ARE artists that can write a song that will embed itself into your brain for life!

Feed My Obsession – Classic Rock & Roll is what this track is all about.  Can’t say enough about those harmonies – I’m totally impressed.

Since U Been Gone – Thunder, beautiful and soothing guitar followed by a brilliant drum beat along side of Marty’s bass…THEN Traci kicks into his fabulous guitar style – it may be the last track on the album but they finish this album just as strong as it began.


L to R ~ Marty (bass), Traci (guitars), Cindi (vocals) & Frecko (drums)

If you love an album you can play from start to finish WITHOUT wanting to skip a song – then THIS is the album you need to buy.  North America is just beginning to hear what this band can do – wait until you see them perform these awesome songs live!  You’ll find me front row…CENTER!!

FULL HORNS UP for Vanity Blvd and what a way to begin 2010!!

Vanity Blvd is my choice for Indie Artist for 2009 in Backstage Live Magazine & we will have a FULL feature on this incredible band launching later this week.  Congratulations Vanity Blvd & cheers to your future success!!


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