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The music industry has produced a great number of cover bands over the years, we’ve all seen one perform in our night time ventures.  I personally have actually come across some really talented cover bands, and sadly my ears have been tortured by some fairly untalented ones as well.

Aultimate Ozzy will leave you in awe, their lead singer Mikaul Ault resembles Ozzy in such a strong way that you will be FORCED to take a second look!  He has Ozzy’s look down to a science!

Lead Guitarist for Aultimate Ozzy has actually become a very close friend of mine and after joking around with him one day I realized that I had to bring his band to my magazine so more people knew about this fabulous group of musicians who live to play their music and thrive on the love of their fans.  Zakk Mylde (Lyle) took some time one afternoon to talk with me about the band, his love of the music and what is in the bright future of this sensational group.


TFL: Tell me how Aultimate Ozzy came together – like how did you guys find each other and where did the idea come from?

ZM:  Well, Mikaul had been in a cover band in Cincinnati.  They started out, he had such a likeness to Ozzy that they started doing alot of Black Sabbath and Ozzy cover tunes.  They would reserve most of that for the 3rd set & then it became to where they did their entire 3rd set.  He’d get all ‘Ozzied up’ with make up and such and did nothing but Ozzy and Black Sabbath .  It got to where the place was empty for the first 2 sets and you couldn’t move inside the place for the 3rd set; and his band mates at that time had to talk him into becoming Aultimate Ozzy.  He was real reluctant about it at first but he went ahead and did it – well that’s where it all came from.  NOW – where I step into the picture was oh I’d say about 3 years ago; I was in a cover band here in Minnesota called ‘Bones Gang’.  We opened up for Mikaul a couple of different times, the second time we did it he called us up and he was having some issues with a few of his band mates at the time and asked us if we would like to climb on board & I jumped at it.  The reason I play a guitar is because of Tony Iommi  The first time I heard the song ‘Black Sabbath’ off of the ‘Black Sabbath’ album I thought ‘you know…that’s the noise I want to make’ (laughing).


TFL: What’s in the future for Aultimate Ozzy?

ZM: Well, we’ve got a lot of – we’re really big right now in the bike circuit & this summer we’ve got mostly motorcycle rallies to play at.  We just accidentally took a cancellation at a place & did a bike rally in South Dakota called ‘The Broken Spoke’.  We got a call from our agent at 2:00 in the afternoon and wanted us to play The Spoke at 4:30 and we were like ‘Yeah! we’re not doing anything else today’  So we show up there and Easy Rider Magazine is there.  Before we knew it, 2 weeks later we were playing at the easy Rider’s motorcycle rodeo in Michigan.  2 weeks after that we were at the Grand National event in Ohio and we played in front of approximately 20,000 people with Pat Travers.  One thing I’ve found out after years of doing this is Rock & Roll is fickle, you’re a hero today and a zero tomorrow BUT when you tap in with the bikers, you have friends for life.  We could not ask to be on a better circuit right now & the loyalty of bikers  – once you’re in with them…it’s a fraternity.  They’ll never forget ya, they love you forever I can’t thank Easy Rider’s magazine and The Broken Spoke and all the people we’ve met doing this on the rally circuit.  I can’t thank them all enough for all they’ve done for us.


TFL: Now, you’ve won awards right.

ZM: Yes we have.

TFL: Name them

ZM: We won a VH1 Rock Honor award in May of 2007 for ‘Best Ozzy Tribute’.  We’ve been told, now I haven’t been able to get a copy of it yet; but we’ve been told by a lot of reliable sources that we were voted the top tribute act in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine.  We are also, and I’m really proud to say this; we are the only tribute band that is actually endorsed by Sharon, Ozzy and Zakk.  Mikaul has met Sharon, Ozzy and Zakk; that happened just shortly before I was in the band.  Mikaul actually confused Sharon and thought he was Ozzy.


TFL: (laughing) That’s funny Zakk!

ZM: (chuckling) It was a good one! Ozzy was ‘he has my blessing’.

TFL: Why aren’t you talking to Vegas? You guys could probably get a permanent spot down there.

ZM: That’s in the works actually, well getting a show in Vegas.


TFL: Zakk I can’t thank you enough for talking with me today, it’s been fun.

ZM: Yeah, same to you, I can’t wait to see how the article turns out!

Although known as a cover band at the moment, rest assured that the guys are also working on some original songs.  A new CD as well as a live DVD are in the works and will be for sale in the near future.

Check them out at or on MySpace at

Aultimate Ozzy will give you ultimate entertainment!


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