CD Review ~ The Trews ‘No Time For Later’


If you don’t happen to recognize the name of the band, there is no doubt in my mind that at one time you have certainly heard their music on the radio.  The Trews released their latest album ‘No Time For Later’ this year and already they have 4 hit singles being played all over the world.

The band consists of members Colin MacDonald (vocals, guitar), John Angus MacDonald (guitar, vocals), Jack Syperek (bass, vocals) and Sean Dalton (drums, vocals) – they also have 2 additional musicians who contribute to their music: Liam O’Neil (Hammond B3 organ, Piano) and Darius Kaufmann (bagpipes on “I Can’t Stop Laughing).  Together this group of immensely talented musicians have created an album that can be placed into your stereo and left there for the entire CD – rare I know – however you have to listen to it to believe it for yourself!  It’s a fabulous album!!

Currently touring to promote their latest work as well as to perform songs such as ‘Paranoid Freak’, ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’, ‘Man Of Two Minds’ as well as their latest hit ‘I Can’t Stop Laughing’ – The Trews put on one hell of a Rock & Roll party live!!

There is something for everyone on this album and the fact that they are a Canadian band makes me burst with pride!

The Trews – they Rock, they Roll & they KICK ASS!!  Check them out at – you will NOT be sorry!

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