Airborne ~ Rockin’ Aussie Style!



Have you ever been driving in your car and a new song gets played that just blows you away the first time you hear it? That is exactly what happened to me when I first hear Airbourne’s music. This fantastic foursome from Australia has blasted on to the music scene as well as the music charts with their hearty Rock & Roll sound and totally catchy musical groove.

The band consists of Ryan O’Keeffe, Joel O’Keeffe, Justin Street and David Roads. These guys have been blazing a trail all over the world this year playing with bands such as Motorhead, Slipknot, Disturbed and Machine Head. If you happen to hear a taste of AC/DC in their music, you are not alone. I could hear the AC/DC influence in their music the first time I heard them.

Ryan took some time away from their crazy tour schedule to talk with me about the band & what they are up to.

BSL: The first thing I want to tell you is I think you are an amazing band. From the first time I ever heard you I was very impressed with your sound 7 I got hooked on ‘Too Much Too Young’ from the very first time I ever heard it.

RO: Oh Cool!

BSL: I’m not the only one you have made a good impression on. Our Editor Tracy had an interview with Ian Hill from Judas Priest and she asked him towards the end of her interview with him if there were any newer bands that he liked or was watching – do you know who he named?

RO: Who?

BSL: Airbourne! He only named you guys!

RO: Oh that’s good!

BSL: Can you tell me where you guys are getting your ideas for your songs?

RO: Um it’s just from experiences on the road and just whatever comes to mind. We are always out having a good time.

BSL: I could hear some AC/Dc influence in your music – is that right?

RO: Yeah definitely.

BSL: Can you tell me how long you guys have been together as a group now?

RO: Well John & I are brothers we have been playing now for about 10 years & the other guys have been in the band here for 7 or 8 years.

BSL: Can you tell me what your most memorable moment has been so far – on stage or in the studio?

RO: I guess right now – what’s happening right now is actually one of the most exciting things because the band has been touring non-stop for 6 months and we are playing up to January. Right now is one of the most exciting times.

BSL: Are there any new bands that YOU are keeping your eyes on?

RO: Yeah, Dragonforce – they’re quite interesting.

BSL: You’re heading over to Europe for the balance of 2008 basically – what is in the works for 2009?

RO: I guess we’ll have to get at the second album and continue touring on this one.

BSL; have you started writing for the second album already?

RO: Yeah we are always working on material and stuff on the road. We’ve got some ideas we are looking forward to and we can’t wait to get back into the studio.

BSL: Do you have a favorite part about performing?

RO: Yeah the reaction of the crowd & just sort of playing with the crowd and seeing their faces.

BSL: It must be quite the feeling seeing 20,000 people singing your lyrics back to you.

RO: Yeah it’s fantastic; it’s certainly a great experience.

BSL: Did you ever think you would reach the level of success you have reached?

RO: We all just do the best we can – you just can’t expect things like that.

BSL: Well if you work hard enough anything is possible

RO: Exactly

BSL: have you guys ever been awarded for your work or your talent?

RO: We originally won the Metal Hammer award in London.


BSL: If someone asked you to describe Airbourne, someone who has never heard you before – how would you describe your band?

RO: Sort of I guess fist pumping Rock & Roll with quite energetic.

The one thing that Ryan mentioned to me while we were talking is that you have to have

passion with your music if you want to make it in this industry. I think a lot of artists

tend to loose sight that this is indeed an industry…it’s a business. Ryan agreed and

mentioned that ‘it is a source of income so yeah it’s business”.

Their energy oozes on stage each and every night they strap on their guitars & play it

loud. Unfortunately their tour is not stopping in my home town, but I’m sure they’ll

come through on the next tour & I’ll do my best to ensure they DO stop here next time.

As I mentioned before, they do have a taste of AC/DC in their sound but they are 100%

their own band as well as their own style. There is no lack of passion in Airbourne; you

can see it in their videos, you can hear it in their music and if you are one of the lucky

ones this year – you’ll be able to see it live!

Backstage Live Magazine is very pleased to present to you a phenomenal band from

Australia that is hitting the tour road hard & fast. Get your hands on their album

‘Runnin’ Wild’ it’s PACKED with killer tunes that you can rock out to all night long!

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