CD Review: DOPE ‘No Regrets’


Chicago based band DOPE has released thier 5th album today & let me be the first to tell you it is highly addictive!  I received an advanced copy of this album about 2 weeks ago and it has yet to come out of the Cd player in my vehicle…it’s THAT damn good!  My fellow metalheads – this is a MUST hear…and I assure you that you will have NO REGRETS!

Having metal axe master Zakk Wylde lay down some serious riffs on a few of the tracks just adds that much more depth to this already established band.  ‘Addiction’ is the first single to be released & it has the ability to hold its own against any of the new metal bands out ther – no doubt about it!

Some of my favorite tracks include the re-make of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ with some serious KICK ASS drums on this one!  ‘My Funeral’, Violence’ – THIS song will have you uttering the chorus in no time..I can’t WAIT to yell it back to them live next week…”everybody down on the mother f***ing floor right now!”  ‘We Are’ as well as ‘6 6  Sick’ and of course ‘I Don’t Give A’ will become my theme song from now on – THIS tune was made for several generations…we can all relate and THANKS GUYS!

Edsel Dope (lead vocals/guitar), Virus (guitars/vocals), Tripp “Lee” Tribbett (bass/vocals) and Angel Bartolotta (drums) have put together on serious metal album for their fans and I was overly impressed with how well it was produced and arranged.

The band says that the mission with this album is simply this – “to release a record for the fans but also has enough hooks, energy and good times to engage a new group of disciples with each and every lsiten”.  I could not have said it better myself, as it is packed with hooks, riffs, even lyrics that each person will find empathy with if you’ve gone down a rough path in your lifetime or had to deal with issues along the way.

Buy it – own it – live it – ‘No Regrets’ is one of the hottest metal albums out this year!

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