Zakk Wylde ~ Book of Shadows 2


2016 is the 20th anniversary of legendary musician Zakk Wylde’s original solo album ‘Book of Shadows’.  The follow-up and most recent album ‘Book of Shadows 2’ is his most recent masterpiece yet & quite frankly what I would call his most heartfelt and honest album to date.

14 tracks of some of the most emotional and well written music I have heard for quite a long time.  Zakk has such effortless tone in ‘Autumn Changes’ anyone with life experience should be able to relate to this song.

Throughout the album you can hear his musical influence ooze through his songs.  The Stones, some Allman Brothers, right down to a bit of a gospel type vibe in ‘Lay Me Down’.  Father Zakk has summoned the chapters to rise up and embrace Book of Shadows 2!

Zakk has always been an amazing story-teller and he has several songs on this album that fall right into that such as ‘Darkest Hour’, Sorrowed Regret’ and one of my favorites ‘Useless Apologies’.

The obvious anthem to his beloved, and one of the nicest women I have had the pleasure of sharing a lunch with Mrs. Barbaranne Wylde ‘The King’ is so beautifully written and composed.

‘Harbor of Pity’ almost has a hint of country to it with gorgeous harmonies and is just so true to life, his guitar just sings on this track.

‘The Levee’ will grab you right from the beginning if you are a true Zakk fan.  He has such beautiful acoustical guitar on the track you can’t help but sing along.

Keeping John ‘JD’ Deservio close at hand and having him co-produce and mix this album as well as play bass on his tracks, all the chapters are sure this album is true to the Black Label family as possible.  Zakk has given us one of his strongest pieces of work to date.

In an industry starving for great music, Zakk Wydle has come through once again with his powerful vocals, harmonies guitars and amazing and always legendary sound ‘Book of Shadows 2’ is a long-awaited piece of art that should be in every single music library.





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