CD Review ~ Black Label Society ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’



April 2014 the world receives ‘Catacombs of the Black Vatican’ and experience what I believe to be the band’s best album yet.  Zakk and the guys of BLS have such a variety of tone and texture in this album, there is something for everyone.  Tracks on the album are:

FIELDS OF UNFORGIVENESS – Killer grind and classic rips.  Lifetime fans and new fans alike will appreciate this track for the constant signature sound BLS oozes.

MY DYING TIME – First track released on the album, I totally dig the vocals on this track, perfect key and tone.

BELIEVE – Keeping up the pace of the tracks, a bluesy twist on the BLS style.

ANGEL OF MERCY – Beautiful, Zakk can hypnotize you with his mellow tunes.

HEART OF DARKNESS – Crank it up and floor it!

BEYOND THE DOWN – The minute you hear the guitar, it is impossible to deny it is Zakk.  Simply wicked!

SCARS – Hands down my favorite track, I’m a sucker for Zakk’s “mellow stuff”.  Bravo guys!

DAMN THE FLOOD – This is the hair whipper of the album.  Place on volume MAX and don’t look back!

I’VE GONE AWAY – My favorite guitar grind that BLS slides into songs.  “life’s revolving door” INDEED!

EMPTY PROMISES – Kick ass drums, love the beginning.  Amazing change ups.

SHADES OF GRAY – Third mellow tune of the album, took me back to older rock with the guitar style.

If you missed it, Black Label Society was recently played ‘Angel of Mercy’ live on Late Night with Seth Meyers, ‘My Dying Time’ is huge on the charts and the album is on track to dominate the industry.  10 albums into their career, Black label Society continues to blow out genius album after genius album, they ARE merciless!

This live TV appearance is long overdue as is the attention this hard working group deserves.  Black Label Society is lead by more than just ‘Ozzy’s longtime guitarist’, Zakk Wylde is the mastermind behind the creation & legion of the Black Label family.  Give credit where credit is due, he truly is a legendary musician as well as composer who is surrounded by talented men who bleed black for their fans every single night.  It’s about DAMN TIME the public, the industry and the metal scene take notice!

100% a must have in your arsenal of metal!

SDMF guys!

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