Attika 7 ~ True, Raw Metal!

Known for his superior vocals in Metal band Biohazard, Evan Seinfeld has bestowed upon a new adventure with best friend Rusty Coones as the front man for their band Attika 7.  Consisting of band members: Evan Seinfeld vocals, Rusty Coones guitar, Zach Broderick guitar & bass and Tommy Holt on drums – this band is all about true & raw metal like no other band that exists.

For those who are looking for digs on his past band, now would be the time for you to MOVE ON!  This is all about the love and passion for music and moving forward in the world of music.  Other false media outlets can offer you gossip or negativity – this is not one of them!

I was fortunate enough to have some time to speak with Evan, he sat down and discussed a lot that has gone on in his life and how excited he is with the future he has with Attika 7.

TFL: Hey Evan!

ES: Hey Tracy! How are you?

TFL: Great Evan, I’ve been looking forward to this!

ES: Awesome

TFL: First of all, I’m a fan of what you’ve done artistically.  Thanks to you Evan, my 19 year old son IS a Metal fan and it IS because of Biohazard.

ES: WOW!  See that’s why I do it.  That’s why I do anything that I do, to try to connect with people, especially with young people.  I remember being 14, 16, 18 growing up in Brooklyn and life was very confusing.  I grew up around a lot of drugs, a lot of violence and things that i thought were normal because they were the only life that I knew.  Music was my drug man, music was my salvation.  Music saves my life, now I’m involved with an organization called Road Recovery that helps young people to find musical direction to defeat the demons of drug addiction and alcoholism.  If my music inspires one guy or one girl that’s really the thing.

TFL: You have been doing this for a very long time Evan.

ES:  Listen, I was in Biohazard for almost 25 years.  I founded the band, I recorded all of the albums with the band and I performed 4000 shows with the band.  Not because I was making money, it was because I loved doing it.

TFL: I love you for your work in Biohazard but this feature is all about Attika 7.  I don’t want to focus on the past, it’s about the future.

ES: Thank You! I don’t want to either, I only speak of it in terms of my work history not in terms of anything else.

TFL: A lot of people say ‘Oh Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard’, yeah well when I speak of it I say he is the FORMER vocalist of Biohazard but now he’s the front man for Attika 7.

ES: Thank God!  You should be my Publicist then, now I’m trying to spin it because I was expecting other.  Every press person just wants to talk Biohazard.  I don’t have anything to say except I did my time, I’ve moved on and I’ve re-invented myself.  I’m now doing music that’s…Biohazard is the past & Attika 7 is the future.

TFL: This is all because of Rusty.  Rusty and I started talking on Facebook when he posted a picture, I was like “DAMN that’s a nice bike’ & we started talking and he stared telling me about Attika 7 and here we are talking!

ES: Rusty is my best friend.  When we found each other it was just perfect timing, it is uncanny how I ended up in the band.  We were actually introduced by Jesse James a long time ago.  I became friends with Rusty’s wife when Rusty was in prison through Jesse.  On totally separate occasions, Jesse had given both me and Rusty West Coast Choppers as gifts.  When Rusty was released from prison, Jesse made him an amazing bike.  When Rusty had Attika 7 going I was always interested in it A) because we’re friends and B) because of his story.  A lot of people don’t know that Rusty spent 2 years in solitary.  Rusty is a guy with integrity & he paid a severe price for his honor.  The songs that he wrote in prison are so moving to me, so passionate it kind of re-inspired me as a musician.  Inspiration is something you feel inside but it needs a catalyst to come from outside.

TFL: It takes a special artist like you Evan to be able to take someone else’s strife and turn it into your own inspiration.  It doesn’t have to be your own hard time that inspires you into your next chapter of your life, you took it from your friend.

ES: I’ve had my own hard times, my own legal problems with the system.  The way I related to him was the problems I’ve had in my life, it really touched me and the way our friendship goes above everything.  For the first time in my life, I’m really learning to enjoy the process.  The music is so heavy but it’s so melodic, it’s something I’ve always wanted to figure out how to re-invent myself without changing myself.

TFL: Would it be fair to say that Attika 7 is like Evan Seinfeld matured in a sense?

ES: I don’t know if I would say that is what Attika 7 IS, I would say that maybe Evan Seinfeld just found his musical sweet spot, in his maturity IN Attika 7.

TFL: Well if people are looking for Biohazard…this ain’t it!

ES: No!  It was time for Biohazard to go out with dignity…that was a big chapter in my life that I closed the book on.  Attika 7 is my musical evolution;  it’s melodic,heavy, dark and above all passionate!

TFL: and it’s really deep!  It’s lyrically intense when you listen to the lyrics like you said it’s an incredible story that’s being told.

ES: To me it represents like a lifestyle that, when I was growing up was the rock & roll lifestyle.  The Heavy Metal rock & roll, biker, you know fuck the world, live free or die, live life your own way, don’t give a fuck what anybody is thinking, enjoy your friends, respect and honor, motorcycles, fast cars, sexy girls – real outside of the law lifestyle.  Attika 7 is a band for the people who always felt like they didn’t belong or were on the outside.  The difference between us and everyone else is we don’t give a fuck what you’re doing.

TFL: I can’t thank you enough for your time Evan and we are always here to show support to Attika & and will always feature your music and events you have on the go!

Metal fans!  THIS is a must have in your CD library!  True, raw metal that tells a story with intense meaning in every single track!

ML&R to Evan and Rusty for bringing Attika 7 to Backstage Live Magazine – now go buy their music & see them LIVE!

Attika 7 is currently on tour!  CLICK HERE FOR TOUR DATES!

For more information, click HERE to go to the offiical website of Attika 7.

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