2014 is ready to RAWK!


2014 is in full swing, North America is beginning to warm up again and Zakk Wylde joined us for the Spring issue to share his new tour & album with the world.  New laughs & a brand new one on one for our rockers to immerse into!



Pop Evil has hit the streets running with their new album & we have a one on one feature with lead singer to discuss ‘Onyx’.


We also have Mick James joining us, know most for his licks with Criss Angel on ‘Mindfreak’ also has a new album out and we are going to talk all about what fans can expect next.


Swedish Rock sensation Vanity Blvd has a brand new album out!  This talented group never cease to amaze me and we have a full CD review for you!


Crank it up & let’s get to it!


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